Friday, November 24, 2006

November 24, 2006 – Women’s Brackets Continue, Four Games on the Slate

Last night’s Thanksgiving games showed us some of the stars you might want to watch for this season. Marquette’s Christina Quaye, a 6-2 senior forward out of Chicago, Ill. dazzled the fans with 23 points and 8 rebounds en route to an opening round win over Western Michigan and Xavier’s Joei Clyburn tallied with 23 points in their opening round win over Auburn. Auburn’s bright spot came from a 6-7 sophomore center as KeKe Carrier snagged an impressive 13 rebounds, 11 of them offensive.

Here are the final scores from last night:
Gm. #1 Marquette 74 W. Michigan 61
Gm. #2 Xavier 75 Auburn 64

And the schedule for today, November 24:
Game #1 - Marquette vs. Auburn - 2:00pm (St. John Division)
Game #2 - Xavier vs. W. Michigan - 4:30pm (St. John Division)
Game #3 - Arizona State vs. W. Kentucky - 7:00pm (St. Thomas Division)
Game #4 - Rutgers vs. Penn State - 9:30pm (St. Thomas Division)

It was difficult to remember that yesterday was Thanksgiving, although we were treated to a turkey and stuffing dinner—being in a tropical paradise as opposed to the Pacific Northwest makes for a confusing holiday—especially when the house music in the hotel restaurant is playing Christmas carols with a calypso beat. It requires a bit of a mental adjustment.

You may be wondering if the locals in the US Virgin Islands celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday as I was—so I asked. The answer is: YES. We were wished a Happy Thanksgiving my most all of the locals and many were already making plans to cook their turkeys and trimmings early in the day and expecting to spend time with their friends and families. I wanted to know if they watched football and if all the men unbuttoned their pants after dinner and fell asleep on the couch too, but never had the chance to find that out. Perhaps I will do that today. Stay tuned.

Be sure to check in on the Paradise Jam website ( to watch LiveStats in real time during the games and for box scores and photos after the games. On this day after Thanksgiving, I am most thankful that I am not on the mainland shopping on Black Friday! Hope you all survive the crowds and thank you for reading!


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